LAHM: Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

LA Historical Markers (hereafter referred to as LAHM) does not collect any information about you or your devices, does not associate any information that is collected with any end user, and only requests access to those device permissions which are strictly necessary for the app to function. Where possible, LAHM offers users with options to contribute to the crowd-sourcing of marker details without requiring potentially invasive permissions such as fine location data or camera access.

The use of location data within LAHM is restricted to functionality related to discovery and authorship of markers. Your location may be used to search for nearby markers, calculate distances between markers, and to pinpoint the location of a new marker that you are authoring. In cases where location data is used for search or distance calculations, this data is not associated with any device or user information and is not stored or cached. In cases where location data is used as part of the submission of a new marker, this data will be stored, though it is not associated with any device or user information.

LAHM does store user-entered data, which is subject to a review and moderation process. User entered data includes the titles, descriptions, images and coordinates of signs submitted through the app. This information is submitted with complete anonymity - no device or user information is stored alongside this user-entered content.

If you believe LAHM to be in violation of the above policies, or if you have other questions or concerns about this policy, you may contact [email protected]